Mike’s always been the nice guy. The feelings he suddenly has for his best friend, Mel, are anything but nice.
Melanie’s only looking for a casual fling. Her BFF is making it hard to remember casual is all she wants.

Mike and Melanie have been best friends all their lives. They’ve seen each other through Mel’s parents’ divorce and Mike’s rollercoaster relationship. Despite the rumors in high school and accusations from Mike’s jealous girlfriend, they’ve never seen each other as anything more than besties.

Melanie doesn’t do long term relationships. A lifetime of conditional love from her parents and observing their disaster of a marriage have shown her that no-strings and casual are the only way to go. Now, if she could just find a genuinely nice guy for her next fling… Wait, when did her best friend get to be so hot?

Mike’s finally ended his toxic relationship with the girl he’s been with on and off since high school. Attention-seeking, ultimatum-giving Katie moved on to start a new life and so will he. When Mel moves back to their hometown of Silver Falls, hanging with his best friend feels just like old times. Almost. If he could just stop checking her out, imagining her naked all the time…

Are Melanie and Mike willing to risk their friendship for a hot fling? Is it harmless flirtation or is it the start of something more?

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