He’s always been a loser at love. She’s fighting to save the place she loves more than anything.

Who doesn’t love to root for the underdog?

When it comes to job, family, and friends, Mateo knows he’s been lucky. He’s even won accolades for his work as an up-and-coming sculptor. Where he can’t seem to catch a break is with women—each and every one he’s drawn to unavailable for the forever kind of relationship he’s always dreamed of.

Everyone knows animals are better than humans. At least, that’s how Cambrie’s always felt. She’s learned the hard way that relying on people—especially those who are supposed to be closest to you—only leads to disappointment. That’s why it’s all on her to win the funding necessary to keep her animal sanctuary open.

A troublemaking runaway pup brings two underdogs together in ways they never saw coming. As flirtatious banter becomes friendship—and a fling that’s hotter than Mateo’s welding torch—he starts to wonder if Cambrie might be the one to break his love curse, and she begins to think Mateo might be the ultimate game-changer, someone she can finally count on.

But a true underdog tale is never that easy. A former friend-turned-foe is determined to thwart Cambrie’s fundraising efforts every chance he gets, and Mateo’s boss and mentor is suddenly intent on keeping Mateo’s creativity kenneled. Now more than ever, Cambrie needs someone in her corner, but will Mateo turn out to be another human that lets her down? Can Mateo count on Cambrie to put her trust in them, or will she leave him behind like everyone else?

Is it possible for a couple of perpetual underdogs to win the day?

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