A fall wedding and the maid of honor determined to save the bride from making the biggest mistake of her life.
If the sexy-as-sin best man would quit being such a tempting distraction.

When it comes to marriage, my motto has always been, just say no. And for good reason. Plenty of them, in fact.

So how the hell did I wind up as the bride’s style consultant—and maid of honor, by the way—in Silicon Valley’s biggest wedding of the season?

Underneath my Grumpy Gus mask, I’m just a sucker for a friend in need. But it doesn’t mean I’m going soft. I’m definitely not about to fall for the best man’s tousled, beachy hotness…or those ocean-blue eyes that look right past my prickly exterior to my marshmallow center.

With the bride refusing to see the signs of the groom’s all too familiar shady behavior, it’s up to me to save my friend from making the same mistake I nearly did. Even if it takes some of my trademark tough love.

That means a hard pass on sexy times with the best man. Right?

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