A chance discovery of a handwritten love scene leads to friendship and undeniable chemistry for two people who’ve sworn off love. They might be perfect for each other…but they haven’t actually met.

Will they continue to play it safe or will they risk another heartbreak for a chance at love?

Best-selling author Jax Rowland is writing the first book of his next spy thriller series and it’s not going well. On his agent’s advice, he’s trying to create a deeper connection between his protagonist and a female character. If Jax fails, he faces more negative reviews from readers tired of his one-dimensional Bond girls.

Dr. Sophie Grimaldi is successful, single and content to remain that way. Disappointed, or worse, by romantic relationships all her life, she has no interest in men—aside from the delicious book boyfriends created by her favorite authors.

When Sophie finds a sheet of notes in a library book, curiosity soon turns to exasperation over the author’s poor attempt at a steamy sex scene. Automatically, she scribbles her own version, forgetting all about the page when she returns the book. She never imagines the author will find her revision.

Embarrassed to view his work through a mystery critic’s eyes, Jax recognizes her talent and tracks Sophie down, offering her a job writing the love scenes of his next novel. As sexy emails and flirty texts turn into a friendship crackling with chemistry, it becomes more and more difficult for Sophie and Jax to deny their feelings. When they finally make plans to meet in person, a series of missed connections and unexpected twists make it clear that fate has other plans.

Will they heed the signs or choose to write their own destiny?

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